ANP Works!

Cancer is a serious subject. There is no room for misinformation, apathy or propaganda. Can anyone argue that a cancer victim shouldn’t have access to the most efficacious treatment available for their diagnosis?  Shouldn’t any patient have the right and freedom to choose the therapy they deem best?

If the treatment of cancer were not so significantly influenced by outside interests, maybe those rights would exist, but they do not. Misinformation whether through omission of the truth, or blatant lie is the one thing that most cancer patients can depend on in some form or another. The question becomes who is omitting the truth, and why?

talk There are no real “miracle” patients here. Just patients who received a scientifically proven medication which oddly enough in this day and age, was specifically designed to “cure” rather than “treat”. These are normal people who faced terminal diagnoses and made a courageous decision.

Their stories are all over this website as well as others (Links to More ANP above). They are described in Tom Elias’ book “The Burzynski Breakthrough” and visually depicted in two documentaries by Eric Merola. Dr. Burzynski has been conducting FDA approved phase II clinical trials on ANP for over 15 years which show phenomenal results. With all of the information available regarding ANP, how could there be any real controversy about the medication?

Whenever it comes to questioning the reality behind ANP, there seems to be two standards.

I recently addressed the concerns of a wonderfully altruistic person who was attempting to help a small child obtain ANP for her incurable brain tumor. There is no other effective treatment for this tumor, and Antineoplastons have been proven to be curative for that diagnosis. As she attempted to raise awareness in her community for this child’s plight, she was actively resisted by a local doctor who announced himself as a self-appointed expert in ANP. He had the audacity to refer to the inventor of ANP as a fraud and charlatan who produced “Holy Water” and sold it as snake oil.

One hates to even acknowledge a statement as ignorant or ridiculous as this doctor’s opinion. It immediately brings into play the doctor’s own ethics and credibility, which is probably the best reason to answer the charge. In over 30 years of practicing medicine in the same location, in the same clinic, without ever making any attempt to change identities or represent himself as anything other than what he originally purported to be, Dr. Burzynski has never been charged by any investigational, regulatory or criminal body for being a fraud. Not by the local District Attorney, not by the FDA, not by the Federal Department of Justice and not by the Texas Board of Medical examiners. The last four actually investigated Dr. Burzynski on several occasions, having full access to all of his records.

That should be enough, but there is more. Besides me, a highly decorated police Lieutenant, there are at least two other Los Angeles County Sheriff’s whose child was treated at the Burzynski Clinic on ANP.  Does anyone really think that all three of us, cynical and predisposed to judgment as we are by nature, missed the fact that the doctor treating our children was a fraud?

The Holy Water referenced would have been produced in a 47,000 square foot pharmaceutical Laboratory (BRI) located in Stafford Texas which is under the constant supervision of the FDA, and even more stringent, the EPA. This doctor claimed to have done all the research necessary to prove that ANP have never been published, yet look above under our “ANP Publications”.

The antagonistic doctor mention above located an FDA warning letter to support his claim that the “FDA says that ANP doesn’t work”! Read the letter yourself:

(  navigate to 2013 warning letters)

The FDA never said anything like that. Their tone is harsh and critical, which is one of a multitude of reasons that most people don’t like the FDA, but where do they question the overall efficacy of ANP? They don’t because they can’t. In fact, the FDA has granted permission to conduct Phase III clinical trial for ANP. FDA approval for Phase III studies requires efficacy in the Phase II clinical trial!

Go to the website and see how many warning letters you had to sift through to find the specific one for the Burzynski Clinic. Did you notice that the most recent warning letter (at the time of this writing) was to Genentech? That is how the FDA does business. Just because something is in a warning letter from the FDA doesn’t mean that anything has been done wrong….it simply means that the FDA is questioning an occurrence and the respondent must answer.

Here is what you don’t see in the FDA warning letter. The FDA calls into question approximately nine patients which Dr.  Burzynski claims are “complete responses” as a result of ANP treatment. For the most part the FDA is questioning the patient’s steroid use and dosage at the time of the CR conclusion. These are Steroids which the patient MUST have to maintain neurological stability.

Keep in mind that this is a clinical study which has accumulated results for 17 years! A normal brain tumor study would last less than 2 years, and all the participants would be dead. How is it that ANP clinical trials are have been going so long? Because participants are still alive and well!

Those “complete response” evaluations were made over the last 14 years. The FDA is going back 12 years in some cases and arguing about a complete response in a patient who is still alive today! They aren’t trying to tell you whether or not ANP is effective, that isn’t their personal issue and they don’t care!

The FDA focuses completely on their bureaucratic, antiquated rules and policies. They can argue about some past point in time if their lack of common sense dictates it, but ANP without question cured those patients who are medically and obviously CR’s now. Your tax dollars at work!

These CR’s are here for you to see and communicate with as living proof on this website, as well as on sites that we link to! Please go to our “meet the miracle” button for Jessica Ressel. She is one of those patients listed in the warning letter that was an initial accrual into the Phase II clinical study for (DIPG).

The FDA does not issue a corrective letter of apology for their mistakes or lack of understanding. The best that they will do is simply accept the answers and move on.

While writing this article, I received a phone call from a young single mother of a brain tumor patient. She had just come from her Oncologist. I had offered the Oncologist the medical records of any patient that she chose from the website so that she could see the results for herself. The Oncologist responded that she didn’t want to see the medical records…..that Burzynski would surely falsify them. Why and how would that be possible? Aren’t MRI’s data stamped by the original machine so that patient’s records cannot be confused? She didn’t know that?

The Burzynski Clinic does not have an MRI machine or an on-site pathologist in his employ. The actual data; MRI’s, PET scans, CAT scans and pathology reports come from a patient’s personal physician. The Burzynski Clinic then compiles the data and analyzes it.

That would mean that nearly every major medical institution in the Country has seen and participated in Dr. Burzynski’s clinical trials! I draw your attention to our (Supporters/Opposition button). My own daughter’s records came from UCSF. That’s who actually documented the results of her treatment on ANP. UCSF also performed my daughter’s autopsy and concluded that she died cancer free of radiation necrosis. UCSF gave her a lethal dosage of radiation, ANP cured her and UCSF’s autopsy confirmed the facts!

ric speak      Now is when the less informed person shouts. “She was probably cancer free from the previous treatments; Dr. Burzynski is just claiming their good work as his own”. Of course that isn’t remotely the case. When she finished radiation and chemo, she still had viable tumor cells. No child who had ever been diagnosed (to this day) with the MRT has ever been cancer free again except my daughter. If that’s too anecdotal for you, after a year on treatment and believing the cancer to be in remission, we took her off treatment to deal with severe side effects from radiation and chemotherapy.

Within a month the cancer was wide spread in her brain; a reoccurrence. My daughter went immediately back onto treatment and nine weeks later her MRI’s were clear again. She remained on treatment and cancer free until her death. The total time for this all to take place was 2.5 years.

At the point where ANP put my daughter into remission the second time, every Oncologist at UCSF inexplicably refused to treat her. From then on she was only seen by specialist and general pediatrics.

Nearly every ANP patient has nightmarish stories of abuse and distain by Oncologist/Radio Oncologist. These doctors uniformly refuse to support patients who chose ANP treatment. They give a multitude of reasons; Burzynski charges for his treatments, if ANP really worked they would know about it, ANP isn’t published and my personal favorite….I don’t know anything about it.

Here in lies the double standard. Oncologist work for free? All of their brain tumor patients don’t die? They don’t consistently treat cancers with inappropriate chemo and radio-therapy “hoping” to extend the patient’s life while having empirically seen that their treatments were ineffective and caused horrible side effects? They wouldn’t want to at least try a non-harmful drug before the toxic one?

Here’s the thing, we are not trying to convince you that ANP works, that would be far too simple. We expect more out of you…..we expect you to elevate your understanding of the current cancer “industry” to the point where you can make a reasonably informed decision not only about the efficacy of ANP, but the efficacy of any cancer treatment. Only then will you and your loved ones be truly safe. We hope that this website and ANP Coalition can help you achieve that goal.