Welcome to the ANP Coalition’s new website!

We have tried to build an informative, engaging and educational medium so that we can connect to you, the reader!

There is nothing new in the information that we are presenting, other than the action that we plan to take collectively. What this website represents is 35+ years of accumulated documentation and information focused on the history, development and medical efficacy of Antineoplastons (ANP). It is our goal to provide you with honest and objective information regarding a clinically proven treatment which until now has not enjoyed anything less than all out controversy. It is our hope that after enjoying our website you will make an informed decision to join us!

protestWhere are we going?

In the next few months, ANP Coalition Inc. will be going to Washington DC with our past and present patients! We will be taking every available opportunity to introduce these miracle patients to politicians, policy makers, medical professionals and agency representatives. Seeing is believing, and it is time that our Representatives see the truth!


How can you help?

It is not enough to have a dazzling array of informative articles and wonderful people to meet. A website in and of itself will not accomplish our goals. ANP Coalition Inc. is committed to the physical act of furthering education, research, development and patient access to Antineoplastons. ANP Coalition is you!

That will only come from the combined efforts of fundraising and organization. We need people just like YOU to support our actions with letters, emails, texts and phone calls. Creative ideas and skilled help in any field is welcomed and appreciated. When you subscribe to our website, you are joining a grassroots movement intent on changing the face of modern medicine.

That fight will not be won easily, and it will not be won by warriors.  It will be won by a collective of people who will not tolerate substandard medical care! Our tools are the virus speed of Facebook, the conviction to learn the truth and the moral fortitude to discern right from wrong.

Our goals match the basic principles of democracy and compliment every moral fiber of our society. There is no religious institution, no beneficent society or fraternal organization whose philosophy would not align with ANP Coalition Inc. We are here to save the lives of our loved ones, and ensure that the medical treatment they receive is “first, do no harm”.

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