The Mission Statement of the ANP Coalition Inc. is best summarized by our Articles of Incorporation;

“The purpose of the ANP Coalition Inc. is to ensure ongoing public benefit from the scientific advancement of, and medical benefit derived from, Antineoplastons!”

What does that mean?

     It is our fundamental belief that the discovery of Antineoplastons (ANP) can and will herald a new age of medical science and subsequent advancements in the treatment of previously incurable diseases. This benign yet effective drug contradicts the paradigm that cancer treatments have to be harmful to be effective, and redirects modern medicine back to its salient principal Primum non nocere (“first, do no harm”).

How does the ANP Coalition intend to accomplish our mission?

     We will accomplish our mission by focusing on four main goals:

    To educate the public as to the importance and benefits of ANP.

    To advocate for patients who need access to ANP for medical conditions.

    To expedite regulatory approval for ANP, thereby making it available to all.

      To further the research and development of ANP.

Who will help us achieve our Mission?

People of all ages and of every description who have the common sense to recognize wrong, and the character necessary to change it. Life is precious and a gift worth fighting for!