Independent Open Label, non-blinded randomized phase II study of Antineoplaston as an adjunctive therapy finally published!

PLOS One is an open access peer reviewed scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science.  It is the world’s largest journal by number of papers published. The March 19th, 2015, PLOS One publication research article reads:

Randomized Phase II Study of 5-Fluorouracil Hepatic Arterial Infusion with or without Antineoplastons as an Adjunctive Therapy after Hepatectomy for Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer (see “publications” above for full article).

While there have been numerous publications depicting the efficacy and science behind the use of Antineoplastons (BRI Manufacture) for the treatment of various cancers, this long awaited research article should prove to be the missing bridge between thousands of supporters and the scientific community.

Keeping in mind that Liver cancer is a primary concern in Japan, Dr. H. Tsuda (Dr. H. Tsuda video) and his research team focused on Antineoplastons (A10 and AS2-1) as an adjunctive therapy to their already existing standard of care treatment. The study found several interesting facts:

Toxicity related to ANP was restricted to fullness of stomach and phlebitis (inflammation of veins).

Cancer Specific Survival (CSS) was nearly double of that in the non-ANP control group.  When patients had a reoccurrence of disease, it tended to only occur in one organ as opposed to multiple organs in the non-ANP group, thus contributing to a significantly longer survival time than the control group.

The authors concluded in their findings, “In this study Antineoplastons have demonstrated a promising level of efficacy against postoperative reoccurrence…..”

For those of you who were led to believe ANP was no more than “Holy Water”, and advised by self -interested  medical “professionals” that ANP had no efficacy, you were clearly mislead. No one claims that ANP is the cure-all cancer treatment, but it is clearly an under- utilized effective treatment which boast no long term toxicity. Now is the time to aggressively research ANP in the treatment of cancer.

Please join us in the pursuit of the truth. More independent clinical trials using ANP as a primary agent are needed!


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