How To Help

Everything that you do makes a difference!

Donate; we will use every dollar to further the goals of the ANP Coalition!

Subscribe; to our website to receive information and updates and to our social media pages to stay informed!

Organize; spread the word, help build our contact list….involve everyone that you can. Cancer affects us all!

Calls to Action; respond to periodic requests for support. Our voices must be heard, and that will only be effective if we all respond to the call!

Volunteer; your time, skills and resources – all three are extremely   valuable to us!

Contribute articles/news items; related to ANP, Health or treatments

Supply us with information; about ANP, Dr. Burzynski and related topics.

Don’t believe anybody’s propaganda; investigate any accusations and come to your own conclusion based on fact! ANP is in it’s infancy of research, there is a lot more to learn and develop before its perfect.

Email Wikipedia at; and demand removal of the “Burzynski Clinic” webpage, since it has been high jacked by a paid group who identify themselves as “The Skeptics”, and is no longer open for public contribution. The Wikipedia page on “Burzynski Clinic” is filled with untrue statements, statements taken entirely out of context, cherry-picked information, sources that do not qualify as sources under Wikipedia rules, fake sources—you name it.

Contact Capitol Hill; Contact your Representative and both Senators. Demand their leadership in making ANP available to everyone!