About Us

We began as an organization of patients. People who at one time or another desperately struggled to find answers to medical issues either for ourselves, or for our loved ones. Universally we found ourselves to be the refuse of a medical industry that had exhausted its use for us, both medically and financially. We were left to die.

Although we all faced the darkness at some point, we did not all choose the same path. There were those among us with the strength to recognize their responsibility both to themselves and to their families, and found within themselves the courage to act! These paladins made choices either for themselves, or their children which drew the ire of those who should have been the most supportive, but to a fault were not. Contrary to the popular myth that lemurs march to their death, only humans do. Particularly with respect to the treatment of cancer, we will lead one another to our deaths out of fear, ignorance and simple greed.

We are a select minority who, either by luck or perseverance discovered the truth. Individually we were touched by the awesome gifts that Antineoplastons have to offer! Collectively, we have banned together to preserve those gifts, frequently heeding the call to rally and resist inexplicable prejudice, self-righteous arrogance and perhaps worst of all: selective ignorance.

Now we are a force. An ever-growing population who will no longer allow pain and suffering to disguise itself as an answer. We will not stand by and permit corporate greed to persevere as the law of the land. Our numbers swell because we carry the single sword of righteousness, the indisputable collection of facts, and the one thing that our antagonists fear the most: the truth. A simple word that disreputable persons desecrate with alacrity. For us, it is our shield, our creed and our commitment! With the truth, we endeavor to end the pain and the fear, and restore the light.

This is not a time for all good men to act; it is a time when all good people must act. We live in an age of awareness, where technology has become the great equalizer. With technology comes communication, and through communication we can educate! Once armed with education, propaganda withers and dies!

This website is designed with the sole purpose of educating the public and exposing the truth. The battle starts here in cyberspace, but the war is won in the real world, by real people who participate in real ways. It will be won by you!

We are no longer an organization of patients connected by a cure; we are the collective who will enable the truth to triumph.

We invite you to join us!