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RachelMeet Rachel Thorup. She is a sassy 2 year old with a tender heart and strong will. She loves animals, especially  her pet chickens, Peanut Butter & Fluffy. Rachel is our youngest child, with adoring older siblings Felicity (7) and Patrick (6). Rachel was 19 months old when we learned she had a tumor the size of a small orange growing in her brain. We were doing a sustainable farming internship when we became concerned about Rachel’s symptoms and had to leave that work to care for Rachel and her siblings. Rachel had emergency surgery and they were able to do a gross total resection. Rachel suffered some temporary brain damage from the surgery, but recovered quickly and seemed to be doing quite well for a while.

Rachel was diagnosed with classic medulloblastoma. We had looked into Antineoplastons early on, but the clinical hold was still in place so we looked for options elsewhere. When all of those options fell through, it was time again for an MRI. We were shocked when, only 6 weeks after her most recent MRI, there were 9 new and inoperable lesions in the same region of the original tumor. That MRI was at the end of April. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to learn the clinical hold has been removed. We hoped to be able to get treatment at the Burzynski Clinic, but are grateful to have any opportunity to use Antineoplastons as we feel they offer Rachel the best chance at both quality and length of life. We are raising money to cover the costs of travel (related to treatment) and treatment, as these costs are outside our current means to cover. We are eager to pay it forward in every way that we can. Please help us support Rachel with prayers, awareness (share our campaign), and donations so we can get her the treatment we feel is most appropriate. Thank you so much for all of your help!    Richard and Salem Thourp

Rachel Thorup –

Rachel Thorup –


small_cache_1388325731753Our six-year-old son Luis started to complain about headaches. We noticed that they were becoming more frequent and that Motrin wasn’t providing any relief so we took him to our doctor. Luis was diagnosed with a strep throat. Two days later Luis became sick at school. We took Luis to the emergency room where MRI’s revealed an  inoperable brain tumor. Doctors gave Luis a month to live without treatment. He has received radiation but the tumor is now progressing. This was so hard for us to take that but then we realized that the only one that can decide how long Luis will live is God. We have put our son in his hands and we believe that he has listened to our prayers by putting antineoplastons in our lives. Even though doctors have said Luis has only a few months to live after the radiation treatment that he received, I believe our miracle is here! Please help our children!

On Tuesday, 3/11/14, Luis lost his battle against his brain tumor. Although his parents restlessly pursued ANP on behalf of Luis, the FDA bureaucratic system prevented him from being able to receive the treatment in time. Our prayers go out to the family of Luis Adrian Segovia. He was born in Fort Worth Texas, 10/26/2007-3/11/2014. 

Luis leaves behind two siblings, his mother and father. In their words, “we will never forget his beautiful smile.  At such a young age he taught us so much……he is a true warrior; even in his condition he always had a smile on his face.  He loved to be called HERMOSO (handsome), and so he shall ever be in the kingdom of God”.


1657 (2)Rose Hengehold is our beautiful three year old daughter.  She loves to sing and dance and make up her own jokes.  She can light up a room and put a big smile on anyone’s face when she walks through the door.  At two months old, Rose was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  Because the tumor surrounds her optic nerves, it has caused Rose to become blind.  The tumors are still growing and they not only threaten what little is left of her eyesight, but they also threaten her life.  Rose’s body rejected chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy would have killed Rose before her tumors if she had continued the regimen originally prescribed by her doctors.  We are petitioning the government to get Antineoplaston treatment to save Rose’s life and give her the best chance to recover sight.

The FDA has agreed to allow Rose to receive ANP.  We encourage you to please do whatever you can to help fund this beautiful little girls treatment.

 This campaign is raising money for “Help Save Rose!”

image (3)My son Braiden was diagnosed with a JPA low grade tumor when he was just one-year-old. I took him to the Burzynski Clinic where he was accepted to be in a phase 2 clinical trial using Antineoplastons (ANP). Braiden was on this treatment for 4 years from the ages of 2-6. During treatment his tumor shrunk and became inactive. From the beginning of treatment up until this very day, Braiden lives a healthy lifestyle, with no debilitating side effects. Braiden has been off any treatment and without any medications for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, his last MRI showed tumor growth to a degree where every physician involved unilaterally agrees that action must be taken. Because my son has been off ANP treatment for the past two years, the FDA puts him in a “new patient” category and refuses to allow Braiden to receive ANP! We cannot afford to let a bureaucratic FDA make medical decisions for my son based on their own political agenda! Clearly my son deserves the best treatment possible, the same treatment that has given him a happy and healthy life up until this point. Please add your voice to ours and help us fight this insanity! Click Here For Website


Liza Cozad, age 46, lives in California where she is a former attorney and entrepreneur. She is seeking Antineoplastons for a DIPG tumor and needs signatures for a petition to the government at .  Her husband, David Lauser is the drummer in the Sammy Hagar band and they are planning a concert for Liza on February 12th in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Update: Liza is currently receiving ANP treatment for her tumor.   Our hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to Liza.

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lauraLaura Nowosad, age 7, Canada is seeking Antineoplastons for a DIPG tumor.  This beautiful girl enjoys swimming, soccer, reading, playing with animals, and spending time with family and friends.  She has a website for you to visit:   Click Here For The Website





We have a new patient that needs anp.  Isaac DeHerrera is 5 yrs. old and has a stage IV tumor on the thalamus, a Glioblastoma Mutiforme. He’s been given 6 months and it is now 2 months into that diagnosis. His mother has gotten seven different opinions from oncologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and pathologists and has chosen some alternative therapies instead of toxins because chemo would only add on a few weeks and cause suffering and pain.

Update: Isaac DeHerrera lost his battle against cancer over the weekend of April 25th. That Friday, an Institutional Review Board (IRB) had granted Isaac’s doctor permission to treat with ANP after having received FDA IND approval. Tragically, it simply took too long to secure the FDA and IRB approval. Isaac’s tumor hemorrhaged and he went into a coma.

Isaac’s mother Natalie faced unreasonable and nearly insurmountable obstacles as she desperately fought for her treatment of choice. When faced with the dilemma of finding an Oncologist practicing outside of the Burzynski Clinic, she first found a wonderfully compassionate Neurologist. Both of them work tirelessly to locate a receptive Oncologist, who in turn was equally compassionate. Isaac, his mother and both doctors all deserved the chance to see if the ANP would have saved him.

While Isaac’s story ends tragically, the under pinning’s reveal that which is most beautiful about who and what we are. The multitude of support that Isaac and Natalie received from friends and family in combination with the compassion of at least a few ethical doctors, gives us hope for a better future; a future where patients get the medical attention that they deserve without prejudice or politics. We encourage you to remember Isaac as we purse that future.

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McKenzie Robin Lowe, age 12, lives in New Hampshire.  Her family is asking for the use of Antineoplastons for her DIPG tumor. Please sign her petition at  this beautiful girl loves all animals and hopes to be a veterinarian someday. McKenzie loves her family, and we know that Bampy is her #1 cheerleader. Click Here For The Video     UTUBE VIDEO



rafaelRafael Elisha, age 6,  of Houston, Texas has Medulloblastoma which is a form of glioma brain stem tumor. He is petitioning the government to begin Anti-Neoplaston Therapy because all other conventional treatments have been exhausted and the doctors told the parents there is nothing left to save him. He is rapidly deteriorating and time is of the essence. Keep this dear child in your thoughts and prayers.

Update: On 04/17/2014 (Passover), Refeal Elisha Cohen, the six- year- old son of Yaakov and Devorah Cohen passed as a result of his brain tumor. The Cohen’s were supported by thousands all over the world who share their grief.   As Devorah wrote, “through this 18-month nightmare, the outpouring of compassionate help from people worldwide has touched us deeply. We are certain that Elisha took these mitzvoth/good deeds along with him to the Heavenly Throne for Hashem (god) to see and reward”.  Refeal Elisha Cohen is buried in Israel.

The relationship between the Burzynski Institute and the FDA has improved significantly. Patients are once again being allowed (although very limited) treatment access to ANP. A great deal of this can be directly credited to the Cohen family and their supporters who were relentless in their pursuit of treatment for Elisha. Refeal Elisha Cohen should always be remembered for his strength, love and sacrifice

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